Your Generosity Makes It All Possible

In order to continue our work for the community, Stay Pawsome is dependent on funding and donations — many of which come from people in the community. A small contribution goes a long way and gives us the chance to expand and improve our wide range of services. Donate now, and make a difference in the community.


Go Fund Me

Stay Pawsome is a Incorporated Non-Profit Organization that builds relationships with low income families with pets through resources, support, and lending a hand. We currently offer care packages that include pet food, litter, wee wee pads, toys, water/food bowls, leashes, and other supplies that may be needed by the family.

We have been receiving a lot of request if we had temporary placement for people looking for a home or going into the shelter. We currently do not have a physical location and are unable to offer a place for the furbabies to stay. So we decided to start this go fund me that way we can raise money to get a location. 

Outside of being able to offer temporary housing for animals while their owner looks for a permanent place for them to live, we also want to be able to offer low cost vet care, more care packages, grants for vet care, low cost pet supplies, and low cost pet care. 

We know how much we love our animals and truthfully I have been in situations where I was unable to afford my pet vet bills and/or unable to purchase medication for them. I was truly blessed by the community during those times to have people help me make sure my cat was well and back at home. I want to be able to continue to provide that to the community. 

Especially, during this pandemic and everyone trying to find work and get back on their feet. 
If you are able to donate that would be PAWSOME and will bring us a step closer to reaching our goals.